Company History

In 1967, family owned Integrated Circuit Packaging Company was founded with the goal of being a top provider of PCB’s to the industry. Originally headquartered in Belmont, Ca, ICPC continually strove to meet and exceed all aspects of industry manufacturing standards. In 1990, long after ICPC had become well established, it purchased Etched Circuits, Inc., creating ICPC Etched Circuits. In 2002, ICPC Etched Circuits became Coastal Circuits, marking a new re-beginning of its commitment to supporting the PCB industry.

Constantly raising our own standards to exceed those of the industry, Coastal Circuits relies on our team’s vast knowledge of circuit board design and manufacturing to deliver the highest quality product to our customers. Our company invests heavily in the tools used to fabricate PCB’s, ensuring our capabilities to meet the challenges of today’s high-density designs.

Quality assurance and process control are an emphasized aspect of our company. Maintaining an ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system and fostering an environment of continuous improvement through audits, in-process inspection and process monitoring we are focused on driving down costs through improved yields and more efficient manufacturing.

Coastal Circuits’ mission is simple. We understand that the success of our company depends on the success of our customers. It is because of this that we demand from ourselves to be the highest quality, lowest cost supplier within our market. Our priorities have always been attention to safety, the environment, and our individual integrity. It is the combination of these efforts that makes Coastal Circuits the obvious choice for your manufacturing needs.